Tuesday, February 27, 2024


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US Elections of this season have entered a new phase, where an interesting leader is showing her talent and ideology, which are nearer to the people. The leaders, whose roots are from Jamaica and India have become an icon now for the Democrats in the present election campaign. The way she attacked Donald Trump in her first speech, was attracted by the people and the social media is resounding like anything about her speech now.

Already Trump is in trouble with his failures and Kamala Harris has nailed trump exposing his mistakes with a powerful speech. Basically Trump has been continuing to use his own & old style of raising sentiments among Americans against foreigners who were migrated to the country. But he has failed in reaching the expectations created among the US Citizens because of his campaign.

The Covid-19 crisis which has entered the last year of the tenure of Trump has damaged his reputation very badly. He has failed in tackling the situation raised unexpectedly. He has gone to his own style by attacking China and WHO for his failures. He is one of the Politicians, who will try to escape and blames somebody else for the failures.

The entry of Kamala Harris as Vice President candidate of Democrats has become a jolt to the Trump. Because he has taken decisions against blacks and as well as Indians. Kamala, who is now representative of both groups has become a threat to Trump. Joe Biden, the Presidential Candidate of Democrats has already won the hearts of Foreigners by giving positive signals regarding Visa’s conditions. Now with Kamala Harris, he has got the full support of the companies which are based on visa jobs. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to get the support of the majority of the people by their soft and straight approach over economic policies.

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