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Clouds of war are gathering between China and Taiwan. It’s clear that China started its moves towards Taiwan to occupy its land. China has enhanced forces at Mary’s core of Guangdong and Fujian.  China President Jin Ping also visited one of the Military bases at Fujian. As the entire globe diverted its concentration towards US Elections China has been increasing its Earth’s thirst and war aspiration. It started a war with India; having achieved a clampdown in Hong Kong brought National-security law and now the dragon is radiating glances towards Taiwan.

China shows its anger against the US as the US president Mr. Donald Trump succeeded in gathering other countries against China on the Pandemic issue. Hence China wants to take revenge by provoking the US in several ways.  The US believed that the Covid -19 Virus was the intentional invention of China. It says that the virus was created in the Wuhan Virology Lab.  President Trump also commented on it as China Virus. Later the US imposed several sanctions on China products and also on students from China. It leads to a war of words between China and the US.

Later Dragon stated its war aspiration on India by forcibly crossing the borders at Ladakh and the other two places.  It has become a semi war between duo countries soldiers and a few Indian soldiers martyred.   At that time Defense experts say China is preparing for war with India out of anger at the United States. China also provoked Indians rival Pakistan to cross the Indo-Pak Borders. Similarly, Nepal also started a quarrel with India and passed a resolution in its parliament.  It was concluded that some territory of India belonged to their country. Experts also alarmed that Nepal issues also a part of China’s move against India.

As of now, US President Donald Trump distracted by the coronavirus pandemic. Adding to this he concentrated on his election campaign to face Jo Biden seriously.   He disengaged from Asian affairs.  Hence the concerns have been increasing about America’s commitment to defending the region. Using this chance of disengage of the US on Asian affairs China is becoming more assertive.  China has been arguing for some time that Taiwan is their territory.

According to the pictures of satellite China deployed the latest Hi-power sonic DF-17 Missiles instead of oldest DF-11, DF 15 On the Southeast coast. Defense experts say that these steps are to occupy Taiwan. Actually, the independent Taiwan which is not under the rule of the China Communist party concern about China moves on the Southeast coast.

 While speaking to media in the second week of this month Taiwan’s foreign minister, Joseph Wu said that he was very concerned that Beijing would launch an attack.  Meanwhile, Ma Xiaoguang of the Chinese Cabinet’s Taiwan Affairs Office said the exercises were a necessary measure as Taiwan’s leaders had been engaging in activities aimed to push the island’s formal independence from China. While visiting the military base on Tuesday China’s President Jin Ping also said military action against Taiwan could not be ruled out.

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