Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Twitter to hand over @POTUS to Joe Biden on January 20

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The Twitter account presidential @POTUS, which has a huge following, will be handed over to the elect President Joe Biden. Although the current president Donald Trump has not admitted his defeat in the presidential election of US 2020, the Social media giant Twitter announced that they will hand over the control of the account to Joe Biden on his sworn-in ceremony.

In an email to media, Twitter spokesperson Nick Pacilio stated that the handover will see all existing tweets on @POTUS, as well as @FLOTUS, @VP and other official accounts, archived will then be reset to zero and then handed over to Joe Biden. He also stated that the Twitter teams are actively working to change over all the Twitter accounts of White House by January 20, 2021. Such a process was also done in 2017 after consulting the National Archives Department, he added.    Trump used his personal Twitter account @real DonaldTrump which has 88 million followers as well as @POTUS had 32 million followers.

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