Orphans can get a Family Care with Foster Care and Adoptions


Government of India, which is a signatory to The United Nations Convention of Rights for Children (UNCRC) Resolutions has decided to encourage Adoptions and Foster Cares to provide a permanent family to orphans and CNCPs ( Children in Need of Care and Protection ) and to see these children grow up in a family atmosphere.

The Government of India has incorporated these systems in Juvenile Justice ( care and protection of children ) Act 2015 and has created CARA ( Central Adoption Resource Agency ) in 1990 under Women Development and Child Welfare, Government of India.

Adoption Rate is very low in our country and is dipping further in the recent past. In-Country Adoptions through CARA were 5,693 in 2010 and it was only 3,276 in 2017-18. Though there are around 27.5 million of childless couples, only around 20,000 parents have approached CARA for adoptions.

The orphans, surrendered and abandoned infants were kept and are put in CARA website for the convenience of adoption. The persons who seek to adopt are preferring mostly children below 2 years .

There is another system called Foster Care, in which CNCP children of 6 to 18 years of age are placed in temporary guardianship or custody of a Care Taker, duly approved by the Government. Under Section 44 ( v ) of Juvenile Justice Act Rules 2016, the Foster parents can adopt that child permanently, provided the child to remain for a period of five years with them under Foster Care.

There are nearly 5,850 registered CCIs in our country with around 2,32,937 children in need of care and protection, who can be given for Foster Care.

B.V.S. Kumar

(Author is a Former Chairman, Child Welfare Committee, Krishna district AP)


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