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Somu Veerraju outraged at YSRC government

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BJP leaders have staged protest demanding to reconstruction of several temples that were demolished during the former CM N. Chandrababu Naidu’s regime. Shafron party leaders led by state president Somu Veerraju participated in the protest held infront of  Lord Saneeswara temple near Prakasam Barrage.

 On this occassion, Somu Veerraju  said the government was sluggishness in building the dimolished temples. Veerraju alleged  that when Chandrababu demolished the temples,   , current Endowment Minsiter Vellampalli Srinivas had raised concerns about reconstruction of them at that time.

Somu Veerraju said that CM Jagan did not have faith and respect in Hindu traditions. He also demanded  Chandrababu to speak out  about the demolished temples. They demanded that the government immediately reconstruct the demolished temples in Vijayawada.  He alleged that the governement allocated Rs 5 crore for the construction of Dargas and Rs 24 crores  for the construction of churches and questioned how the government funds are being used for the constructions of churches.

  Somu Veerraju also alleged that the Endowments earnigns whcih were deposited by the hindu devotees are being used for the other needs insted of developing the temples in the state  and demanded for the resignation of Endowment Minsiter Vellampalli Srinivas.

  While addressing the media,  the state President of BJP said that their party representatives would participate in support of the public meeting to be held in Amravati tomorrow to support  Capital city .

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