People not worried about MP’s Arrest Episode, Why?


An MP was arrested and lifted out from his house at Hyderabad.  He was kept at CID custody in the night.  He has shown injured toes of him to the Court on the next day. He didn’t get bail at Andhra Pradesh High Court.  He was not shifted to a private hospital, which was instructed by the District Court. Giving a medical report, they have just shifted him to District Jail. Only the intervention of the Supreme Court has saved him from the CID Officials, it seems. Supreme Court has been directed them to shift him to Army Hospital at Secunderabad and later examining the report of the Army Hospital Team, the Apex Court has given bail to the MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju.  In this entire week-long episode, there were violations a lot by the CID officials. But, there is no sympathy towards MP among the Public, Why? Only a few circles are in worry on this episode.

Most of the People of Andhra Pradesh have seen the arrest episode of MP as a Political Vendetta. As Mr Raju has criticised and humiliated Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy in various ways, the Government Machinery has reacted in its own way. The ways and means followed by the officials were not an issue to the public here.  Few People, obviously TDP Chief Mr N.Chandrababu Naidu and others have criticised that the democracy was killed in the state. But, the People have not bothered about all these things in this corona era.

If Mr  Raghu Rama Krishna Raju was limited to criticise Mr  Jaganmohan Reddy and to expose the mistakes of the State Government in various issues, he will have moral support from the people regarding the harassment done by CID Officials. But, he has gone too far in humiliating Mr Jagan and his followers even caste wise, religion-wise.   That is why he was distanced from many circles of the state. He has pointed out big issues like Sand Mafia, scam in procuring lands by the Government and the big issue Amaravati Capital in his press meets hold against Mr  Jaganmohan Reddy. But, the way of his criticism didn’t represent the people’s problems or issues, he has been exposed as a person trying to attack Mr Jagan personally. Mr  Raghu Rama Krishna Raju has not got any key posts in the Parliament, though his party YSRC has got a good number.  He has been thrown away from his aspirations because of the domination of Mr Vijayasai Reddy. The grievance expressed by Mr Raju was not taken into consideration by Chief Minister Y.S.jaganmohan Reddy. That is why he has started his attack and Mr  Jagan & Co also started curbing him in all the ways.  This is what registered in the minds of the people, that is why they have not cared arrest episode of MP, though it was undemocratic and in a sectarian model, ran by Mr Jagan’s Government. 


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