PrimeMinister Narendra Modi has asked the people if they are willing to vote forthe leaders, who are benefitting their families only like KCR, Kavitha, andothers, or vote for the leaders, who are benefitting the state.  It’s a big statement, but surprisingly Mr.Modi made it in Bhopal, which was supposed to be done in Hyderabad. However, Hewants to expose that concept before the people and do accordingly.Now the debateis that If he knows as a top personality of the country, then why doesn’t he takeaction against those leaders like Kavitha, MLC of BRS of Telangana? And theOpposition parties are questioning Modi about Shah, son of Amitshah, and hisbeloved friend Adani. If he himself making benefits his friends like Adani,then how come he questions others regarding benefitting their ownfamilies?Everybodythinks that the golden era of Mr. Modi has gone. Now he is also in the samepot, as other political leaders. Mr. Shah becomes BCCI President withoutany cricket background and only because of the influence of his father,allegedly. Regarding Adani, now everybody knows the stories. Hindenburg hasbroken the ice and revealed sensational matters. In Telanganaalso, BJP is in defense of not arresting Kavita until now, whereas the CBI and EDhave arrested Ministers of AAP and are ready to arrest Mr. Kejriwal, the Chief Ministerof Delhi.  Here also, BRS Chief Mr. KCRhas made a compromise with BJP allegedly. Now the peoplehave come to a conclusion, that BJP is not cleaning any garbage like corruptionand others in the country. They are just using that garbage for their politicalgain like producing power from garbage. The credibility of Mr. Narendra Modi isat stake now. He may not lose power in the coming General Elections scheduledin 2024, but BJP will witness some downfall, as per the analysis of thepolitical experts.


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