A Rising Political Star of AP


Pawan Kalyan has become a important leader
He is the decisive force of AP Politics now
Vaarahi Yatra has become huge success
The Godavari Districts have shown affection on him
The style of hitting speech has got good response
On flipside, the organization of Janasena is weak
Spending time towards movies has made a lapse in party

Mr.Pawan Kalyan is now a rising political star in Andhra Pradesh. After ten years of journey,Janasena is now doing a big impact on the politics of the state. Crowd gatheringsin huge numbers and big responses to Pawan’s speeches, reactions of rivalriesall are portraying Pawan Kalyan as an important politician, who cannot beignored at any cost, in any way. Despite thecrazy image of Pawan Kalyan, his party didn’t witness success in the 2019elections. Everybody thought that he might disappear from the political spectrum. Surprising everybody, he has grownstronger than before. Restarting his filmy career has got mixed responsesfrom the wellwishers and the party circles. Defending his decision, he hasexplained that to meet the expenditure of the party, he has to do films. Morethan that, he has paid compensations to the families of the deceased tenantfarmers from his own income. Now in thepre-election situation, he has geared up the tours in both Godavaridistricts, where Janasena has a strong hold on Vaarahi vehicle. His Varahi tourhas witnessed big success and proved that the Godavari districts are going topay Janasena in a big manner in the coming elections.The speeches ofPawan Kalyan have become a hot topic in the state. The style of straight hittingthe opponent with the hot questions, by Mr. Pawan Kalyan has made a big impactamong the people, which is worrying the ruling party a lot. He is proposinghealth insurance of Rs.25 lakhs and Rs.10 lakhs for unemployed youth to thetune of 500 in a constituency, which is also getting a good response. Though there isno official announcement of a political alliance with TDP and BJP, Janasena isfocusing on the constituencies, where they have the scope to have some goodstrength. On the flip side,Janasena has not made an organized structure until now. Mr. Pawan Kalyan withthe help of another leader Nadendla Manohar, has failed in creating goodleaders in the districts. Even at the headquarters, there is no one in additionto these two leaders. Though Mr. Nagababu, brother of Pawan Kalyan, who hasrendered few responsibilities, is present in the headquarters, he seems to have nospace in decision-making in any matter.Everybodysuggested Pawan Kalyan to strengthen the party organization without any delay.Then only the party can utilize the strength that prevailed among the people.However, Mr. Pawan Kalyan has stabilized as a political leader and there werehopes of becoming the Chief Minister now or soon.


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