Rahul Gandhi 2.0 Performing Well


Rahul Gandhi showing his performance
He is succeeding in running the party now
He is taking decisions firmly
He has settled scores in Telangana Congress
He has succeeded in Rajasthan compromise episode
He is getting acceptance from Opposition Parties
It is clear that there is no front without Congress

It seems BharatJodo Yatra helped Rahul Gandhi very much. He is getting accepted by thepublic and also from the opposition parties also. One year back, everybodythought that Rahul Gandhi was a failed one and Congress Party cannot revive him. Breakingall those doubts, Rahul Gandhi has emerged as an opponent of Narendra Modi. Untilnow, there is no face of alternative for Narendra Modi. But, Mr. Rahul Gandhihas filled that vacuum. Earlier, theOpposition parties have refused the proposals of alliance with Congress like the Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh, RJD in Bihar, and even Mamata in West Bengal.But, now they are all in rethinking because there is no leader for theirgroups. Only Rahul Gandhi can lead the opposition or any proposed front, theyhave come to a conclusion.  Immediately AfterJodo Yatra Karnataka elections were held. The landslide victory of Congressover BJP in these elections has boosted the party cadre and leaders morally.Now we are witnessing the impact in the state of Telangana. Surprisingly Mr.Rahul Gandhi has taken firm decisions regarding Telangana. He has settled thescores between the leaders in Telangana. Even though, he has succeeded inmaking a compromise between the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mr. Ashok Gehlot, andhis rival Mr. Sachin Pilot. We arewitnessing a new version of Rahul Gandhi who is taking strong decisions anddaring for any loss or any threat. He was the one, who has hidden for a few daysvexing with the internal struggles in the party. But, we can see the differentRahul, who is fighting himself to streamline the party. Even he is facing legalproblems regarding a defamation case and lost the membership of Parliamentalso. He does not care about the MP Post and even he is ready to run the partysuccessfully as a head. And anyway, there is Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi to lead theGovernment, if any legal problems stop Rahul Gandhi to do it. Now the question is whether Rahul Gandhi can break the influence of the USA and other multinationalcompanies on the party and can take decisions only in favor of the people ofIndia. Earlier, UPA Government in two terms also lost the confidence of the publicdue to the weak monitoring of the ally parties, not doing a number of scams. Thistime Mr. Rahul Gandhi should give the confidence the public that he can actfirmly against any irregularities in the Government at the stake of losingpower also.


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